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Everything great has a story.

Every story has a beginning and here's ours:​

Today, we are a family of artists that came from a family of artists...hence our name  "Artistic Solutions - Custom Upholstery and Interiors." 

My name is Jeffrey Davies and my wife is Migdalia. Our upholstery journey began over forty years ago when we were newlyweds and I was working at Herman Miller Inc. It was there that I started my fascination and appreciation for great design and fine furniture. We visited a local upholstery shop to see about having our sofa reupholstered. Not knowing anything about the process we only heard the cost and being newlyweds we decided to "do it ourselves".

The instructor encouraged us to keep at it so we did! Less than two years later we also were teaching classes of our own as Community Ed instructors. With youthful ignorance and caution long thrown to the wind and with 200.00 borrowed dollars I quit my job and we started Hilltop Upholstery.

Always the proverbial "late bloomer" I attended the Art Institute of Dallas late in life and graduated in 1991 with a degree in Interior Design, earning "Most Outstanding Portfolio" award  which has served me well in our upholstery endeavors. 

We enrolled in Community Education beginner upholstery classes. Although we were told we could only bring a small footstool to class, much to our instructors consternation, we brought our enormous antique sofa to learn on! Every week we would load it on top of our little station wagon and drive the 25 miles to class to work on it.

Fast forward, 25 years later we have had LOTS of experience in the furniture business, in management, design and even production capacities.

In addition to our professional upholstery services in the residential, contract and commercial fields, we also offer professional decorating and design consultations. Our talents do not end there ...'We can custom design and build your next piece of dream you wish.'

We are located in West Michigan, in the city of Wyoming. In addition to custom upholstery and design, we offer unique upholstery classes. What makes our Beginner through Intermediate upholstery class unique is we not only teach the "how" but the "why" as well!

With inspiring overviews of the history of furniture, intro to textiles, materials used in upholstery, and many other insights gained over the years are just some of what we share with our students.

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